Circular Economy in the Food System

Challenges in the Food system require a mind-shift and a thrilling change in the awareness and competencies of young people. Skills for the Future will be a one-year challenge giving students (16 -19 years old) in southern Italy the skills to bring the food economy toward a sustainable future.

With mentorship from agro-food sector leaders, students take on the challenge to reduce food waste and increase efficiency in the food system to the realization of winning project-ideas through an eye-opening and skill development training.

Italy Idea Camp

The Skills for the Future Idea Camp was held on 29 October 2019 at the Centre for the Conservation of Agricultural and Forestry Plant Germoplasma in Marianelli, in the Vendicari reserve.

100 pupils, divided into 20 teams, challenged each other in the enchanting location of the Marianelli centre. They developed entrepreneurial ideas based on the attempt to respond to global changes, at the same time preparing young people for the labour market of tomorrow. Sicilian students faced two challenges: “Food waste”, the fight against food waste, and “Agriculture 4.0”, the technological innovations in agriculture.

At the end of an exciting and intense day, the panel of experts chose the 5 best ideas:

Eco Buy: A biodegradable packaging for food
Anti Waste Fridge: A smartphone app which helps to avoid food waste at home and in supermarkets
Appetize4Life: A system which allows the reuse of the food production waste
APS 2.0/Automatic Plant Saver: An automatic system which protects plants and trees from bad weather
Bio4Ink: A bio ink extracted from plants and fruits, non-toxic and sustainable
We Are Looking for Mentors!

Join us and share your knowledge and experience with student teams a few times over the academic year.