Sicily Idea Camp

Sicily Idea Camp

An intelligent refrigerator and organic ink extracted from food waste. And again: a biodegradable packaging that blooms and food waste reused in an Eco-Bar. These and many other ideas were the basis of the ideas launched by the Sicilian students gathered in the Marianelli germoplasm center in Vendicari, and that will “fly” in Europe.

100 pupils, divided into 20 teams, challenged each other in the enchanting location of the Marianelli centre, provided by the regional authority of State Property and Forests of Siracuse (IT). They developed entrepreneurial ideas based on the attempt to respond to global changes, and which prepare young people for the labour market of tomorrow. Sicilian students faced two challenges: “Food waste”, the fight against food waste, and “Agriculture 4.0”, the technological innovations in agriculture.

At the end of an exciting and intense day, the panel of experts chose the 5 best ideas:

Eco Buy” buy what you need in a biodegradable packaging that blooms, team institute “Salvo D’Acquisto” of Bagheria, Palermo, formed by Gabriele Torregrossa, Samuele Barca, Riccardo Ortisi, Gianvito Modica, Filippo Patanè and Karim Basile.

Anti Waste Fridge” App for smartphones for supermarkets that allows you to avoid waste of food that expires, team institute  “Michelangelo Bartolo” of Pachino, Siracuse, formed by Danny Fiorilla, Giorgio Dipietro, Salvatore Fronte, Francesco Galanti, Damiano Garofalo and Sebastiano Campisi.

Appetize4Life” a system to reuse food production waste, which find new life as food and drink offered in a Green Bar, the Eco-Bar, team institute “Grimaldi” of Modica, Ragusa, formed by: Giovanni Scarso, Aurora Corallo, Marika Veninata, Carmelo Sangiorgio and Giovanni Armenia.

APS 2.0, Automatic Plant Saver“, a system that opens automatically, protecting plants in the field from wind, frost and hail, team institute “Majorana” of Milazzo, Messina, formed by: Salvatore Amante, Antonino Samuele Di Paola, Stefano La Malfa, Alessandro Ruggeri, Giuseppe Spadaro.

Bio4Ink“, a bio ink extracted from plants and fruit, non-toxic and sustainable, team institute “Galilei Campailla” of Modica, Ragusa, formed by Giovanni Manenti, Nicoletta Giurdanella, Eva Pluchino, Matteo Roccasalva, Leonarda Giurdanella.