EU Skills for the Future Summit

November 28, 2019 - Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels, Belgium

On November 28, 2019, 60 students and 15 teachers from Slovenia, Hungary and southern Italy convened in Brussels for the inaugural Skills for the Future Summit. The Summit is a unique venue for cross-cultural exchange, where students working toward sustainability in different thematic and geographical contexts can come together to exchange ideas. The students who gathered at the Summit were selected by their peers and juries of industry and academic experts for their outstanding innovations developed during intensive Idea Camps in their home countries.

To begin the day, students moved through the beautiful Solvay Library in dynamic activities to identify their core qualities and skills, and how best to deploy them as part of a team. Meanwhile, their teachers took part in a workshop on challenge-based learning techniques for the classroom.

Agriculture 4.0, sustainable schools, reducing waste, designing for the future; these were just some of the challenges students tackled with their innovations on the circular economy theme.  The jury was impressed with the outcomes, ranging from an energy-neutral heating system, to an ink extracted from food waste to a table produced using the byproduct of steel production.

The students and teachers will return with new perspectives to share with their peers and colleagues, broadening the impact of Skills for the Future in their schools and communities.